Your own Career solution
MARG DARSHAK is a scientific career guidance solution through online psychometric assessment for students.
Most of the students choose subjects or career effected by parental pressure / marks obtained in boards or impressed by friends, relatives or peers, however factors deciding career or subjects are personality traits, self interests, aptitude, apparent career interest, skills and occupational interests.

Psychology plays an important role in making a individual happy and successful. So under the guidance of senior psychologists and child counselor, we present before you a MARG DARSHAK, powered by Myaglakadam , a scientific psychometric assessment test through which students will get detailed report ,with subject and career suggestion best of individual.

Below are Assessments are available online –

a) Subject Selection Guidance (for class IX & X students)
b) Career selection Guidance ( for Class XI & XII Students)
c) Engineering Branch Selection (for JEE appeared Students)
d) Vocational trade selector
e) Subject + career selection